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August 8, 2015

I made an appointment for an ingrown toenail. Dr. Stevens took his time on explaining how he was going to remove it. The enviroment in the office is friendly. I came in the office and was greeted by a friendly woman in the front office. After signing in I was taken back to a room and they took the time to let me voice my concerns. Shortly after Dr. Stevens came in and examined my toe. He then explained how he was going to remove my ingrown toenail and asked me if I had any concerns about it. Through the procedure he talked to me to distract me. Before I knew it he was done and I was already to leave.

April 14, 2016

I had an ingrown toenail on my little toe. The doctor's office got me back in reasonable amount of time. The nurses were more than friendly and helpful. When in the exam room, the nurse ensured me that my toe would improve and gave me the details of how the doctor planned to help me. Dr. Stevens was extremely helpful and caring about my issue. The in-office operation went smoothly, and doctor Stevens made sure my foot was feeling okay before I left.

July 12, 2015

I still use him. I'm due to go next Monday. He seems to know what he is doing. He is straight forward. If we ask him a straight forward question, he gives us a straight forward answer. His staff is very good, very nice and very helpful. He is brief and doesn't spend a lot of time. He is not going to sit around and stroke us for any long period of time. He does the job and tells us what we need to know. He answers our questions. He will not sit around and hold our hand for a long period of time. His communication is good. I'm on Medicare, so I don't have a problem.

February 26, 2016

I have visited Dr. Stevens several times during the last several years. I am a runner and had problems with both feet: bunions, a chipped bone, a burning sensation. At all times Dr. Stevens was accessible, friendly, and used his expertise, knowledge, and education to heal me. Another thing about Dr. Stevens: he always takes the time to patiently discuss the issues with you - I have never felt rushed or that he was needing to rush off. I would highly recommend him for your foot and ankle care.

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