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Urgency for Treating Ulcerations

At Indy South Foot and Ankle we understand that leg and foot ulcers play

a drastic role in a patient's quality of life - physically and

emotionally. Research shows that the longer a patient has a wound, the

harder the wound becomes to heal and we take that very seriously! Most

patients with an ulceration experience pain and limited mobility due to

the wound and it is imperative patients seek medical treatment early to

prevent serious medical complications.

Our patients, especially those with Diabetes or Vascular disease, are

encouraged to regularly check their feet and legs for developing

ulcerations and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Stevens at

the first sign of a problem. Dr. Stevens and his team will work to

identify the factors that are impeding healing and create an optimal

environment with advanced wound care products to support the body's

natural ability to heal. These wound treatments include cellular

products with the highest level of scientific evidence required by the

FDA, products with significant biocompatibility and performance testing,

as well as, other advanced wound coverings.


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