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Gout-Indianapolis, IN

Gout is a painful condition that affects the joints and tissues, most often the big toe. Crystallized uric acid will begin to build up in the joints and cause pain and inflammation. Individuals at high risk for developing gout are those with diabetes, high blood pressure, high levels of stress, or those who have undergone chemotherapy. Additionally, it is not uncommon for alcoholics to develop gout. A diet rich in red meat or shellfish may also produce high levels of uric acid that can contribute to the onset of gout. Symptoms include:

  •  Pain in the joints

  •  Redness

  •  Swelling

  •  Joint warmth

  • See your physician and follow the treatment regimen set forth by your doctor. When properly following this regimen, there should be fewer or no additional attacks of gout. Medications or injections can also be used to treat joint pain and reduce the inflammation. It is imperative to change your diet if it is high in red meat, shellfish, red wine, or beer as these types of foods and drinks produce excess uric acid. Extensive walking may cause pain so keep it to a minimum. Elevate the foot to relieve swelling. If attacks continue to occur despite these efforts, inform your doctor who will see if the gout is being caused by underlying issues. If not taken care of swiftly, arthritic damage may occur.

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