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Diabetic Foot Care-Indianapolis, IN

Foot care during diabetes is crucial because it can cause nerve damage that inhibits the sense of touch in the foot. Diabetics must keep a watchful eye on the condition of their feet because, with the lack of sensation in their feet, they may not recognize the severity of a foot issue until it escalates into a bad infection. Unfortunately, amputation may result because of poor diabetic foot care.

There are many steps diabetics can take to promote good foot health. Diabetic shoes, which can be purchased through a doctor and some pharmacies, are shoes specially fitted to the foot and contain a wide toe-box. Most of these shoes also come with custom fitted insoles. Never go barefoot, even when at home; shoes and slippers protect the foot from foreign objects you may not feel when stepped on and which can cause damage to the foot. Keep an eye out for ingrown toenails and cut toenails straight across. Getting a professional pedicure may be helpful if you have trouble keeping your feet in good condition. Moisturize daily but not in between the toes where fungi could grow and cause Athlete’s Foot. Be gentle with your feet, dry thoroughly when washing, and inspect your feet daily.

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The following is a list of common foot and ankle problems encountered by our patients. Select your choice alphabetically and CLICK  to expand for more information.

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